Lauren has been my massage therapist since 2012 and she is fabulous! It was important for me to find someone who approaches massage therapeutically (not just a spa massage) and who intuitively understands my body and issues. I have had two major spine surgeries over the years and having someone who can adjust to my particular circumstances is great. I see Lauren regularly, usually monthly, and it is part of may overall health maintenance program. I see her in-between when needed she is always able to helps improve whatever problem have going on. She's the best!
     Mary R., Lafayette Hill

I have been a regular customer for years. I have a very physical job. The great service I receive from Lauren keeps my back in shape, enabling me to perform all the heavy lifting I need to do daily. I've tried others and they don't compare to Touch of Health.
     Tireguy Jim

I have used Lauren as a massage therapist for several years. I don't see her on a regular basis, but avail of her services whenever my (aging) body has aches and pains, e.g., back, shoulders, knees, etc. She has the ability to get to the source of the pain, and somehow release it almost every time. She also keeps up with new developments, and will use them in a judicious manner.

Lauren has been my massage therapist for more than a decade. I don't think I'd be upright without her. She finds spots that even I didn't know were a problem.
      J.S., Lafayette Hill

I use Touch of Health often. Lauren is fantastic and works with me to schedule times that work for us both. I have had back problems for a few years and she is able to work on it to give me comfort. I highly recommend Lauren and Touch of Health.
      Jim B.

I have been going to Lauren (Touch of Health) for 5 years. I so look forward to my appointments because I know that I will get a great deep tissue massage. Lauren's massage goes a long way beyond other well known places. Lauren is always concerned about me as a person, and treats me like a friend. I started going to her because she was close to my home and convenient, but then I realized that I needed her massages for my well being. Since getting these massages on a routine basis, I am healthier both physically and mentally. Kudos to Lauren.

After working 8 hours a day at my computer for many years, I developed chronic hip and shoulder pain. During our monthly sessions, Lauren gave special attention to these areas and now I am pain free. Thank you Lauren!

Lauren is the best massage therapist! Lauren listens to exactly what you say and adapts the session accordingly. We have been to many therapists for sports massage over the years, none are as in tune with what's happening to your body like Lauren.
      Kelly & Anthony

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