Lypossage™ is an all-natural body contouring treatment that will help reshape your figure without invasive surgery. Figure imbalances like cellulite and bulges on the thighs or abdomen respond readily to Lypossage™. If you have been frustrated when trying to 'spot reduce' areas of your body, you'll be delighted with the results of this unique treatment. Lypossage™ is designed to help with detoxification and dimension loss in women and is based on the research done by Charles W. Wiltsie. His research was based on other research done by other people in Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Massage and Complex Physical Therapy for Lymphoedema. It is the intention of Lypossage™ to promote this modality as a respectful, non-invasive approach to dimension loss, detoxification and to help with diminishing the 'dimpled' look of the cellulite condition.

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